Opportunity & Opportunities!

Do not miss out on your Opportunities!

God is still the God of Opportunities!  Do we overlook the Opportunities that God is now giving us?  I have realized that some opportunities will come when we are going through a season of crisis.  There is the opportunity to make new friends.  There is an opportunity to use our spiritual gifts.  There is an opportunity to get out of our comfort zones.  The greatest opportunity is to lead someone to Christ.  Andrew was a new believer, and his first opportunity was to bring his brother, Simon Peter to Christ.  Zacheus had an opportunity to see and hear Jesus.  The opportunity to change his life meant that he would have to climb up a tree to see Jesus and slide down the tree to meet Him.  The CFC Outreach for Easter is: “Who is Your One?” This a great opportunity to reach out to someone who is unchurched or does not know Jesus.  It is someone who you can bring to church on Easter Sunday.  It is an opportunity to also ask them, “How can I pray for you?” Do not miss this opportunity to pray with them and deliver a gospel message to them.  Who Is Your One?  Do Not Miss This Opportunity!

Pastor Charles – Mark 16:15


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Upcoming Events

Feb 21st – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

Feb 23rd – No Friday Bible Study

Feb 28th – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

March 1st – Friday Bible Study – 9am

March 6th – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

March 8th – Friday Bible Study – 9am

March 9th – Men’s Breakfast – 8am

March 12th – Sisterhood of Joy – 11:30am

March 13th – Prayer Meeting – 6pm

March 15th – Friday Bible Study – 9am

April 28th – Shiloh Road Concert – 5pm

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