None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” Henry David Thoreau
“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”- Emerson
The worst bankrupt is the man who has lost his enthusiasm. Let a man lose everything in the world but his enthusiasm and he will come through again to success.”-H.W. Arnold

Have you noticed that children always want to share,respond, laugh and sometimes even steal the show. They have what we adults need, “enthusiasm.”  The word “enthusiasm” has a spiritual meaning.  The word “enthusiasm” come from two Greek words, “en” & “Theos.” The meaning from these two words is “in God.” “Enthusiasm” is a God-Like-thing.

Let me ask you, “Do you have enthusiasm?”  “Have you lost your enthusiasm?
Here is some good stuff: W. Clement Stone gives the following Enthusiastic Starters:

  • God is always a good God !
  • You have a problem….that’s good !
  • There is a benefit in every adversity.
  • Find one good idea that will work and …..work that one idea!
  • Do it now!

There is a plaque at the University of Pennsylvania. It reads:

God gave us two ends
One to think with, and one to sit with.
All the failure or success in life
Depends on which end you use.
Heads, you win;
Tails, you lose;

The main thing is to get busy fulfilling God’s purpose in your life.
Henry J Kaiser, one of the America’s greatest industrialist, said “There is only one time to do anything, and that is today.”
Remember this: To be enthusiastic…Act …enthusiastically!

Enthusiastic about being your Pastor & Friend,