The Following of Jesus Mt. 14:20-33

After John, the Baptist is beheaded

The Miracle of Jesus Walking in the Water is 5 Miracles in one. Slide

You might say, why are you reading about the feeding of the 5000 when you are going to preach on Peter walking on the water and sinking! Slide

I think you will understand more about Peter’s attempt of walking on the water and sinking when you learn the lessons and the true principles of feed the 5000.

Satan who is the father of counterfeits offered Jesus the Crown because He knew that Christ was going to the Cross and that would defeat the agenda of Satan. SLIDE

Here is the problem, the Disciples also wanted that. W.A. Criswell

14:22 Jesus constrained the Disciples to go to their boat and sail. The word is strong, “commanded them”, He strongly urged them.

What did Jesus do? Look at v.23

I See Faithful Jesus

I See Patient Jesus. Mt. 14:24-25

The 4th watch was between 3 A.M. & 6 A.M. That means for 8 hours they had been rowing in the storm.

Last week we talked about how big the Sea of Galilee was. It was 7 miles by 13 miles. It would usually take 2 hours to cross the seven miles. They had been rowing for 8 hours and they were only halfway across.

I see the Present Jesus. 14:25-27

It is one thing for Jesus to pray for them while they are in a storm, but it is also another thing for Jesus to come to them in the storm. Learn The Following SLIDE

  1. There is a Lesson in Every Storm vv.45, 51;

Why did the wind cease?  It had accomplished its purpose. God had accomplished His purpose…

There was an agenda, a lesson. Your storm is not an accident…God is in control…that is a lesson to learn. The reason that the disciples were in the boat was because Christ had placed them there.

Your storm has a beginning and an ending. This too will pass!

  1. There is the Presence of the Lord in Every Storm V 48;

As we walk through the storm we must not look at the storm, but look to Jesus.

The disciples had forgotten this, we must not forget.

  1. There is a Rainbow in Every Sand Storm V.51…My Wife Nancy

When there is no solution, Jesus is the solution. When there is no answer, there is Jesus.    Sometimes we confuse the solution with the problem.

The disciples did this when they mistook Jesus. Vv. 49

  1. There is Story in Every Storm Matthew 14 31;   

Peter looks at the whole story…what was I doing before the storm? Why did you walk on water? Why did you sink? How did you get up?    Peter found out that it is better to be a Jesus Watcher instead of a Wave Watcher.  This is what I learned…keep my eyes on Jesus during the storm.

  1. There is a Song in Every Storm. V.52   

Why were you created? You were created to Worship and Glorify God. That is our main business.

We are called to sing in the storm. We are not called to be anxious in the storm, or complain in the storm, but sing in the storm. It Is Well With My Soul/

Someone has said that a bird sings for no reason at all, but simply because the bird has a song. You have a song also…God uses the storms of life to tune up that song.

Jesus Watches us…Jesus Comes to us…Jesus Helps us…

Jesus brings us to our destination…

I have a compass because I have Jesus…He is in the boat with me

As long as He is in the boat with me then I won’t get lost.

Challenge: Slide

  1. Nothing will make you like a storm. A storm will either put you on your back or put you on your face..
  2. Sometimes we miss the opportunity to minister for Jesus in our storms.
  3. Too many times we pray to escape the storm/ enlist the storm.
  4. “Jesus is greater and bigger that what is bigger than we are facing.

Jesus shouts to them. John tells us in His gospel that Jesus had been walking on the water three to four miles. Cheer Of Companionship

The Following of Peter Slide

Peter’s Desire to Walk on the Water. Mt. 14:28-29 (You cannot walk on water unless you get out of the boat- (John Ortberg)  

Peter’s Failure to Walk on the Water- Slide

He fell and started sinking because of two things:

Distractions: 14:30-31 /Distractions magnify are storms. The things/problems of this world distract us, and we fail to keep focused on Jesus.

Choices of hearing or not hearing the voices/ Starve your Distractions

Doubt – Oh you of little faith/ Why did you doubt.

They had doubted before Jesus arrived and then Peter- his faith turned to doubt

What Rescued Peter?

Desperation vv. 30-32/ He cried out for deliverance through Jesus.

Deliverance vv. 31-33

Barclay/ Peter never finally failed, for always in the moment of failure he clutched Christ.  it was always followed by grief. The wonderful thing about Peter is that every time he fell, he rose again: and that it must be true that even his failures brought him closer and closer to Jesus Christ.

My bottom-line truth is this: Jesus is challenging all of us to come walk where you never walked before.” Isaiah 43;2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

When Life Is Stormy & We are Shaky -Jesus is Sturdy!