Give yourself some space this Christmas!

Deadlines, parties, social events, shopping, decorations, and work…I need some space!  We all need some time left over to enjoy the season.  Time to reflect and remember why we celebrate the season. Here are some words from Dr. Charles Lowery.  Dr. Lowery is a former pastor, practicing psychologist and now is the Founder/President of Life Inc.

The best way to increase your life is to add some space.  Space is the difference between your limit and your load, the place where you have a little left over.  It is like having a little breath left after reaching the top of the stairs.  Space is having a little money over at the end of the month.  Space is having time left over before the deadline.  Space is having a little bit left over.

Years ago, a man was driving on the Tri-state freeway in Chicago.  His hat blew off in the middle of busy traffic.  He ran into the traffic to get his hat and was killed instantly.  The article about the accident read, “It’s amazing that you can lose everything chasing nothing.”

This Christmas let’s stop.  Not slow down, stop.  Think about the connections in life.  Are we spending all our time buying presents for people we love with no time left over to spend with them?  Let’s leave enough space to stop.  Otherwise, the pace will squeeze the love, the life, and the laughter out of you.  If you want to finish the race with grace, put a little space in your life.  Enjoy the leftovers.

Slowing down finding some space and embracing grace… I am your Pastor & Friend!  If you can help us as a host at P. J.’s Laundry tomorrow morning from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  I would appreciate it.

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