To the Moon & Back – God Loves You!

The Moon was so beautiful this past Wednesday Evening.  As I returned home from my mother-in-law’s Apartment, I saw an awesome view of the Moon.  I pulled over in a parking lot an took a picture of it.  It was just a marvelous scene.  When I see the heavens, I think about God creating them.  He Created All Three of Them!  Yes, there are Three Heavens.

The First Heaven: The clouds that we see during the daytime.  (Genesis 1:8-9) WE SEE THEM BY DAY.  It was created before the earth.  Job 38:4-7.

The Second Heaven: The Stars Genesis 1:14-19; WE SEE THEM BY NIGHT.  Someone said that when we see the stars and moon at night then we see that God has built a Platform of Praise.  (Psalm 8:3-8; Colossians 1:15-28; Revelation 4:8)

The Third Heaven: The Third Heaven is the Home where Saved Believers will live.  John 14:1-6; WE SEE THEM BY FAITH.  This is a place where Jesus will reward the believers.  (I Corinthians 3:11-14)

If you are a Believer, the Third Heaven should encourage you.  It should be our life’s goal to witness to unbelievers and tell them that they need to invite Christ into their hearts and repent of their sins and accept Christ as their Savior.  We need to tell them that there is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to lose.  We need to tell them that they will only get to that Third Heaven by the Saving Faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Charles

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