July 29, 2018
INVITE… After you Identify 4 People, then Intercede for those 4 People and then you are ready to Invite. Church Launch is Sunday, August 26th. We will be at the Brazos Event Center. We start eating at 5:30 p.m. The Christian Country Western Concert will begin at 6:30p.m. Let me share with you the people that will make up the band. FLOYD DOMINO: At 19, Floyd played the piano for the Grammy Winning Band, Asleep at the Wheel. DANNY LEVIN: Danny is a classical trained cellist, fiddler and jazz pianist. He also was part of Asleep at the Wheel and has played numerous times on Austin City Limits. RICK MCRAE, at one time was George Strait’s guitarist and was part of the Ace in the Hole. RANDY WATKINS, an accomplished as a drummer and percussionist, He can play so many styles of music including Western Swing. MARK WEATHERTON, started out with the Country Showman, has played in Cowboy Church bands and now host a Sunday Morning Gospel Hour on the radio. ROY WEST began playing music at age 12. His style is Country and Western Swing. He has donated years leading bands in Cowboy Churches. He has authored numerous Country Western tunes and has played all over Texas. The Meal that night will be catered by Buppys and it will be good. This is a great event to bring your family and friends to. This could be a real game changer for Country Fellowship.
Could you do me a big favor? Put you name and mailing address and Birthday on the index card tonight. (You don’t have to put the year). Thanks! Pastor Charles
Pray for:
• Terry Williams. He will be having back surgery soon.
• Jan Higgins knee.
• Shirley Bartlett’s brother. He was involved in a traffic accident several weeks ago. He is still in Herman Hospital in Houston.
• Dave Godwin’s recent Heart Procedure.
• God’s leadership as we seek to reach out to our community.
• Little Ryder, a 4-year-old that has health issues.
Congratulations to William Scott & Amye Rosberg who were recently married.
Congratulations to Mike and Cindy on the birth of their new grandson.
This Friday Evening is the 1st Friday in Downtown Bryan. Let’s go support the Pickers and Randy Watkin’s Jazz Band.