The Ministry of Country Fellowship Church during the Next 15 days…

Several Comments about the Corona Virus and how that affects the Ministry of Country Fellowship Church!

  • Please call me if there is anything that I can do for you. We are here for you and are always glad to help.
  • Pray for the President and the Emergency Medical and Administrative Teams that he has gathered to help navigate this Crisis.
  • Continue to pray for our Church family. Please continue to pray for Fran Hooks(Fran is a home recuperating)  and Les Higgins (Les is at Encompass- in Bryan) as they recover from recent surgeries. Pray for Ronnie Smith as he starts his treatments.
  • Pray for local ministries and local officials in our communities.



Now Concerning Regular Bible Studies and Worship Services.
All the Bible Studies (Sunday A.M.; Tuesday A.M. and Wednesday P.M. ) are postponed until further notice.

What about Worship Services?
Guess What? We will still have Morning Worship Service on Sundays. Guess where? It will be in your Home. What?

Yes, you can watch it from your home. Jeff; Donna; Terry and I will go to the event center at the Holiday Inn and do a Live Worship Service from there at 10:00 a.m. This will be the only service that we will do on Sundays for right now.

You will just need to go to your laptop; iPad; or Smart Phone and put in our Facebook Page Link then you can watch it live. You can view that service at any time during the week.

Here is the webpage link:


Now let me share with you a prayer that I read today:

This is a great prayer that I read from the late Robert Schuller. Remember, we have a Good Father and HE knows about the Chaos and Crisis that has hit our world.

“Thank You, Lord:
You are the Light that never goes out,
You are the Eye that never closes,
You are the Ear that is never shut,
You are the Mind, that never gives up, and
You are the Heart, that never stops reaching.
In Jesus Name! Amen!”


Love the Country Fellowship Family!
Pastor Charles /979-229-9342