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Just a few words of wisdom that come to mind.

Labor Day – The Harvard Grad’s Mexican Travels

A Harvard Grad that Does not Know It All. Praise God for the Hard Worker from Mexico. In thinking about Labor Day… I wanted to share this story that I recently read! I love the story about the Harvard MBA who was in Mexico for his company.  He saw a small Mexican...

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Game Prayer from Coach Bobby Bowden

Years ago, while pastoring the First Baptist Church of Portland, Texas, I served on the Board of the Fellowship of Coastal Bend Christian Athletes.  Each year, we would have an annual meeting to raise money and have guest speakers.  The first year FCA helped in an...

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Oct 1st, 2023

Don’t Hang Up on God? Someone asked Mother Teresa, “You pray hours a day.  What do you talk about all that time?” She said, “Mostly, I just listen.” That was puzzling to the questioner.  “You listen to God?  What does He say?” She answered, “Mostly He just listens...

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Excerpt from “You Don’t Have To Make This Stuff Up!”

Excerpt from Pastor Charles’ Upcoming Book about His Life & Ministry of 50 Years.  The Title of the Book will be “You Don’t Have To Make This Stuff Up!” Enthusiasm: Who has it?  Do you, have it?  Do you want it?  Who gives us Enthusiasm? People ask, how can I have...

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