Archie Bunker played by the late Carroll O’Connor, claimed to know a little about theology. Here is a sketch about Archie finding a glimpse of God that was real:

Archie Bunker was experiencing double trouble. He was laid off from his job and to make matters worse he had to have gall bladder surgery. At home recuperating, Edith his wife, and his son-in-law, Mike (Meathead) was trying to give him some encouraging words.  Times were now better for Mike and his wife Gloria. Mike had graduated from the University, had a good paying job and a little baby boy named Joey. Mike writes out a check for 1,500.00 to Archie and tells him that it is a gift. Archie says, “I ain’t going to be a Moocher from my relatives.” Archie then proceeds to tear up the check. And then Mike leaves the room.

In the next scene, Archie begins to talk to Edith about God caring for him. He tells her that he is a pretty good Christian. He tells here that while other men have been unfaithful to their wives and had good times, he instead stayed home. Then he says, “I don’t understand it why God does not care for me.”

Edith replies, Now Archie you better not talk like that. Didn’t God bring you through the surgery?” Archie goes on to tell her that God did help him, but he still would have to pay over 600.00 out of the pocket expenses for surgery.

Next Archie answers the door and greets one of his fellow workers at the plant. He tells Archie that he is back at work and that he has taken Archie’s old job as foreman. Archie gets mad and ask him how he could take his job since they were friends, and especially since he was recovering from surgery. His reply, “Archie I had to take your job because you received a promotion. You are the head dispatcher.”  Archie is jubilant when he hears the good news. After his friend leaves, he says, “You know God does care. I am like Job in the Bible. He had his bad times but got rewarded double. Edith I think you can go to church Sunday, in fact I think I might just go with you.”

Archie’s episode with adversity reminds me of a little girl went to church, leaving her invalid father at home. In his anger and frustration he wrote on a piece of paper the letters, GODISNOWHERE. She came home, saw the sign, smiled, and said out loud, “God is now here!” And he is.

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