Are you feeding your faith and mind with positive stuff?
Positive Believing Stuff:
“Obstacles are really Opportunities.”
“If your dream does not scare you , then your dream is too small.”
“Begin to weave and God will provide the thread.”
“When you pray for rain then wear a raincoat.”
“You got to believe it in order to see it.”
“Don’t wait for the Ship to come in. Swim out to it.”
You say, “The Power of Positive Thinking?” Let’s just call it the “Power of Positive Believing.”
“Impossible’ is an Opportunity.”
Are you working on bringing “Your One” on Easter Sunday? I am and I hope you are also.

New Sermon Series for the A.M. Service: Find Hope in a Broken World
· Sunday, April 7th – The Invitation of Hope!
· Sunday, April 14th -Hope is Your Last Resort!
· Sunday, April 21st -You Can’t Kill or Bury Hope!
We Have More to Shout About than to Pout About! We Have More to Sing About than to Complain about!
Love You Country Fellowship Church Family!! Pastor Charles