Chip away!

People are going through this Global Pandemic. It seems so big to us. It is our Goliath. David picked up those 5 stones and won the victory over the Giant from Gath. This week I remembered an illustration that I used years ago. I still think it is a relevant one that will inspire us today. There is a story about a man who had a huge boulder in his front yard. He grew weary of this big, unattractive stone in the center of his lawn, so, he decided to take advantage of it and turn it into an object of art. He went to work on it with hammer and chisel, and chipped away at the huge boulder until it became a beautiful stone elephant. When he finished, it was gorgeous, breath-taking. A neighbor asked, “How did you ever carve such a marvelous likeness of an elephant?” The man answered, “I just chipped away everything that didn’t look like an elephant!” If you have anything in your life right now that does not look like love, then, with the help of God, chip it away! If you have anything in your life that does not look like compassion or mercy or empathy, then, with the help of God, chip it away! If you have anything that does not look like faith, then chip away the doubt and fear that is crippling you. Great advice. What do you need to “Chip Away?”

This Next Sunday Morning will be a big day. We will have the privilege of having the Hazel Family with us for two concerts. I think we can safely have 40 in each service. We will put in on a Bug Screen TV in the Bible Classroom for 11 people. Then have the concert with 28 present in the event room. So Right a 40 in each service. We will give out Box lunches after each service. You can eat the meal on the Patio outside or take it home with you. God has given me a vision to help us reach more people when the Covid -19 is gone. I think people will be listening and wanting to attend church. I am also excited about this outreach ministry that God has literally placed in my mind. This Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. I will share it with you. This meeting will be here at the Event Center.

Hey! What does the following letters mean? APRPBWPRAA. Affirmative Prayers Release Powers By Which Positive Results Are Accomplished.

Pastor Charles