The Longer I Serve Him the Sweeter He Grows!
You may have seen the following on a Bumper Sticker or Poster: “ Shop until you drop.” That is true of Christmas Shoppers. Here are some challenging quotes for Seniors: “Don’t stop until you drop.”  “Live it up till they lay you down.” “Keep the spark until you park?”

As a Senior I  feel that we all can do something more in life:

  • We can grow in our relationships.
  • We can continue to grow spiritually.
  • We can try our best to improve physically and intellectually.
  • We can set new goals and have new experiences.
  • One of the best things we can do is to keep serving others.

Today, we will be studying about serving and using our talents. Let’s live it up until we are taken up. I don’t want to fizzle out. Do you?

Saved to Serve Jesus!
Pastor Charles


Possible Building for Country Fellowship Church:
We need to look at a possible opportunity to lease a building. This afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. we can tour the building. It is located @3825-3827 Old College Road. Bryan, Texas 77801 That is across the street from J Cody’s BBQ. If we lease this building then we would be the only tenants.

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