We must Care!

Since Football Season is starting, I want to write about a Football Story. In Lou Holtz’s 2nd season as Head Coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team the Irish experienced a humiliating loss to guess who? The Fighting Texas Aggies. Holtz was very distraught as he walked into the locker room. He noticed that most of the players were not down after this loss. There was one exception. A second team player named Chris Zoric sat in front of his locker, sobbing and weeping. Holtz decided at that moment that next year’s team would be composed of players who loved football as much as Zorich. The next year Zorich went from sub to starter to team Captain and helped the Irish win the National Championship. Zorich had won his starting stop on that team because he cared enough to cry. Some things are worth crying for. We all need to cry over lost people.  We all need to cry over hurting people. Jesus cried. Jesus cried when he attended Lazarus’ grave just before he called the dead man back to life. He cried when he looked down at Jerusalem, the forgetful city, from the road above. In Hebrews it says Jesus cried while praying.

As a church we are on His team, and He is looking for people who care. “Carry each others burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Nancy and I will be traveling to Colorado today. We felt like we needed to take a break. I appreciate L.D. White preaching for me. I will see you on Sunday. Next Sunday is Outreach Sunday plus also the Observance of the Lord’s Supper.

No Bible Study this Friday. Psalms Journey in Concert -Morning Service on Sunday, September 12

Blessings! Pastor Charles. Pastorcountryfellowship @ gmail.com