On the way to the Baptist Building in Dallas I heard the following:

Years ago, on the way to the Baptist Building in Dallas from College Station I tuned into Moody Radio and heard Pastor James Ford Jr. Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Chicago.  Pastor James came up with some great quotes. Let me share a few of them:

“I cannot keep ME OUT OF the storm, but I can keep the storm OUT OF ME!  The trouble I am GOING THROUGH is for the future I am GOING TO.  Even though it looks like things are FALLING IN PLACE.” (Romans 8:28)

“God is not here for our benefit.  We are here for HIS benefit.”

“Do not let your history determine your destiny when Satan reminds you if where you’ve been you remind him of where he’s going.”

“Faith gives your insight into Foresight like it’s Hindsight.”

“Faith is living in the right now yet believing in the not yet, and walking in not yet like it’s the right now!” (Hebrews 11)

“Do not lose your mind over who left.  Save it for who is coming.  That person may have been OK for where you were but not for where you are going.” (Judges 14)

(A special note.  I had to pull over a few times on the way to Dallas to write the above and I tuned into Moody Radio a good many times on the way to Dallas.)

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