Pastor Charles Comments about Online Ministry!

In the days ahead CFC will need to step up and expand what we do online.  I want to share what Nelson Musonda recently said about the “Online Church Community.” Nelson Musonda gives the following reasons why Churches need to put more emphasis and invest in Online Ministry.  See L.D. White if you want to help or want to know more about our Online Ministry.

  •  1.Online communities allow people to connect positively.
  • Online communities help with church growth
  • The online Church community will empower your church members.
  • Online communities provide opportunities for people to have Church during the week.
  • Create a vibrant youth ministry
  • Online communities are great for member nurturing.
  • You Can Increase Your Church’s Visibility.
  • Increase church membership
  • An online community gives your members a safe space to connect and belong.
  • It helps you discover your member’s struggles and pain points.

See You Online!  Pastor Charles

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