Easter is God’s way of telling us the Rest of the Story!

In the year 1815 there was the Battle of Waterloo and all England was waiting for the result. It was arranged that as soon as the news reached the country it should be rushed to Winchester and then signaled to other towns by semaphore from the cathedral spire. The great moment arrived and the words were spelt out letter by letter “Wellington defeated…” Then suddenly the spire was shrouded by fog, and the country was filled with gloom, thinking that was the end of the message.  After a while the fog lifted and the message was completed “Wellington defeated the enemy”. Those last words made all the difference in their world.

At Calvary the devil tried to make out that the message was “Christ defeated” – he died. That would have been the case if Good Friday was the end of the story, but the resurrection that followed on Easter Day proves that the message of the cross of Redemption is that “Christ defeated the enemy.”


As you prepare your hearts for this week keep in mind the following verse:

Psalm 119 :37 (TEV): “Keep me from paying attention to what is worthless.”
Don Whitney, professor at Midwestern Seminary said the following:
“We can talk on the iPhone as we eat fast food while using the also texting.  Not only are we better at multitasking and becoming more productive and efficient, along with the increased pace, more is required of us. And so, we hurdle through life faster and faster, becoming busier and busier. The result is that in our busyness we are becoming increasingly efficient at leading meaningless lives.”


Thanks for all you have done this week to help in the harvest and also remember our members and others in your prayers! George & Robbie Eustace’s 41 year-old- son -in-law died of a heart attack last Sunday. Pray for his wife Susan and the six children whose ages range from 1 to 16 years old.  George and Robbie are there to be with the family. I know that you will keep them all in your prayers. Please get a prayer sheet today and remember those listed in your daily prayers.


Because Christ Lives, We Can & Will Face Tomorrow.

Blessings!  Pastor Charles



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