Have You Enrolled in Burning Bush Seminary?

As a teenager, I started listening to Evangelist Lester Roloff on the radio.  In fact, that was the first time that I had ever heard of the city of Corpus Christi.  I listened to Bro. Roloff as he would sing and preach.  I think he did a better job on the preaching part. I remember him saying that all of us need to attend the same Seminary that Moses attended, Burning Bush Seminary.

The Burning Bush turned Moses from a Nobody into a Somebody.

Someone said that Moses’ life was lived in three phases:

1.) The first 40…He thought he was a Somebody

2.) The second 40…He thought he was a Nobody

3.) The final 40…God took this Nobody and made him into Somebody

In Exodus 3 we see Moses and his experience at Burning Bush Seminary

What did Moses learn from the Burning Bush?

What can we learn from our Burning Bush?


Lesson One: God communicates His will to us through daily burning bushes.

Lesson Two: God does not want our excuses, He wants us.

Lesson Three: God provides totally when we are totally dependent on Him.

What’s Up!

To those who feel inadequate…there is good news God can use you.

To those who are self-sufficient…God can’t use you. Repent from your self-sufficiency or get ready for the desert.

Don’t miss your Burning Bush! & don’t walk away from your Burning Bush!

Moses was never the same after his Burning Bush Experience and neither will you be.

Your Fellow Student at Burning Bush Seminary – Pastor Charles

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