Revive Us Again!

This week I read about a good number of Baylor Students gathering to pray for Revival. In the past few weeks, the Aggie field was the scene of over 1,000 A&M students praying for Revival. Of course, the Revival Meeting at Asbury University was a great catalyst for this movement from God.

This week, I read the following article of a preacher that wrote that wonderful hymn, “Revive Us Again!” One day many years ago, a teenager left home to attend college. His mother, worried about him, gave him a Bible and printed a verse of Scripture on the flyleaf. The young man soon discovered college life to be an endless series of parties, in which caused him to spend all his money. In need of money, he pawned his Bible.  Eventually he made it through college and even medical school. He became a Medical Doctor and his name was Dr. W.P. Mackay. Years later he was treating a dying patient. The dying man asked for his “book.” After the man passed away, Dr. Mackay noticed the man’s “book” among his personal effects. He could not believe his eyes.  It was the very Bible his mother had given him years before, with his name and the verse of Scripture on the flyleaf. He retreated to his office and began reading that Bible. Several hours later he knelt and asked Jesus Christ to be his Savior and Lord. Dr. W.P. Mackay later became a minister and the writer of that great Gospel hymn, “Revive Us Again.”

Keep praying for Revival.  This week start inviting people to our Good Friday Service and the Sunday Morning Worship Service.  Cindy did an outstanding job in creating an invite card.  The card was mailed to several hundred homes in our neighborhood. We have some extra outreach flyers so please share them with others.  Revive Us Again!  Blessings!  Pastor Charles

We need volunteers for CFC Teams.  If you are interested in serving on a Team, please let Cindy, Bill B., or Pastor Charles know.   CFC Teams listed on back.


Please welcome our newest member, Leah Rush


Upcoming Events

April 7th                                             Good Friday Service                                  3:00 PM

April 15th                                           Men’s Breakfast                                          8:00 AM

April 18th                                           Finance Team Meeting                             10:00 AM


2023 Teams                

  1. Leadership
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