Church of the Salt & Light!

Gerald Mann was one of my favorite preachers and writers. Preachers including myself have tried to preach those 20 minute sermons like Gerald. Yet somehow could we cannot not get them down to 20 minutes. ( You already know that. Right?)  Gerald could be controversial and a good many times I disagreed with Gerald. What can you expect when Gerald was Willie Nelson’s Pastor as well as Darrell Royal the famed Longhorn Football Coach who won a couple of National Championships.  Gerald died several years ago with Alzheimer’s. I want to share the following article from Gerald. I think it should resonate with all of us:

What kind of church I would Join?

A church where you get well

Grace (Affirmation) People would be saved (made whole) they would get well and not sick. The only requirement would be to get well. They would not groan.

Grit (Expectation) People would accept responsibility. That they would grow.

Gordon MacDonald tells us that every church attracts 5 types of people:

VRPs-Very resourceful people who inspire the dream

VIPs-Very involved people who share the dream

VTPs-Very teachable people who catch the dream

VDPs-Very draining people who sap the dream

VNPs-Very nice people who enjoy the dream

The largest group is the VNPs. Like “smiling cereal,” they just lie there and sop up the milk. We do not need to curse the VNPs but we need to nudge them constantly.

A church that isn’t afraid to convert their own congregation

A church where the preacher and the staff have what our Jewish friends call “chutzpuh” – an earthly word for courage. To step out on faith and be a risk taker and get out of a stale routine. Not afraid to try new things and not afraid of change.

A church where they have fun.

The number one requirement would be to celebrate with a laughing God. I’d like to feel good about what God wants to do with me and the church. I’d join a church where God has no grandchildren. Everyone must realize that each individual must be conceived by the Spirit of God. I’d join a church that judged itself by the difference it makes in the community and the world.  -Gerald Mann

Now that is Salt &Light Kind of Church – Pastor Charles


No Friday Morning Bible Study

Good Friday Service @ 4:30 p.m. Aldersgate Fellowship Hall

Sunday, April 17th Easter Worship @ 10:15 a.m. (No Sunday School) Our Goal is 75.

Each One Reach One

Everything is looking great for the purchase of the property.

Friday: 9:00 a.m. Bible Study:

Jordan River Rules- How to get out of the Wilderness & Move On!