“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”. I Peter 5:7

In the Spring of 1992, I chose I Peter 5:7 as my “Life Verse.” Why? Well in the Fall of 1991, our only child, Andrea went off to Baylor to earn her degree. I was 41 and it seemed to me that we were too young to be an empty nester, plus our daughter was not home where we could protect and see her every day. It seemed that I was constantly worried about Andrea. In her 2nd semester, she became ill and the Doctors were quite concerned about her. That spring, I was preaching a series of sermons on I Peter. One week I was preparing a sermon from chapter 5. The verse, I Peter 5:7 grabbed my attention. Here is what I learned from that passage: “Casting all your care upon him” meant casting all your worries upon the Lord. That was a breath of fresh air for me. I needed to claim that promise. As I continued to study that promise, I found a catch to this verse. If you keep some of the cares then you must keep all the cares. The decision was to either cast them all or keep them all. The place for your concerns, worries, trials is “upon him.” The “Him” in the passage is reserved for those who know Him, and trust Him. The word for “care” is the Greek word, “melo.” It is a picture of a husband or a father that is obligated  to care of his family. God’s word is telling us that He is our Father and He is obligated to take care of us for the rest of our lives and that His love and care will never fail.

Happy Father’s Day!
Pastor Charles


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